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Tanzania Fly-In Safari

Tanzania fly in safari

A fly-in safari is one in which you fly from one park to another while on a safari. This is an excellent way to travel across the country. You also get to see a lot more in a shorter period of time.

Fly-in safaris typically begin at the port of arrival for your international flight. For example, if you wanted to go on a 3-day Serengeti safari, you would fly direct to Seronera Airstrip (Serengeti). You would be met at the airstrip by a safari crew who would take you on a game drive. You would be taken back to the airstrip after two wonderful nights in the Serengeti so you could catch your flight to Arusha, Zanzibar, or Dar es Salaam and then your international journey home.

Serengeti Fly-in Safari
Tanzania Safari From Zanzibar

What does a Tanzanian fly-in safari cost?

Fly-in excursions cost depends per group size. Visitors should plan to spend up to US$1,900 per person for a midrange customized 3-day safari.

A number of factors affect how much a safari in Tanzania costs. The most economical option is to go on a group camping trip. Although there is beautiful lodging available and staying at safari lodges is a part of the experience, these can be a lot of fun.

There are hotels offering varying levels of luxury and convenience at a range of price points. The most popular kind of hotel is moderately priced mid-range lodging.

Aircraft used for a fly-in safari in Tanzania?

The most popular aircraft for charter flights is the Cessna 210, a highly constructed compact aircraft with a single engine. It is a six-seater with room for up to four people and has a wonderful reputation. ideal for lovely flights.


Why Fly-In Safari?

A Tanzania fly-in safari has the benefit of saving a lot of time by avoiding extensive, tiresome road trips. You’ll also experience the thrill of descending over the huge savannah and witness a side of this amazing scenery and wildlife that you wouldn’t ordinarily see from the ground

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