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June to February (Areas are best at different times)

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July to March (The Seronera area is crowded)

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Tarangire National Park Overview

African travel experience redefined

The Tarangire National park

Located as the 6th largest National Park in Tanzania and covering an area of 2,600 square kilometers, Tarangire National Park is famous for its large herds of elephants and small wildlife migrations that occur during the drought with about 250,000 animals entering the park.

Located slightly north of the famous Tanzania Safari Circuit, the park is located between the Masai Steppe meadows southeast of the Great Rift Valley in the north and west, 2 hours by car from Arusha.

Tarangire Wildlife Migration.

Every year during the dry season from June to November Tarangire handles wildlife migration which is not as spectacular as the Wildebeest migration to the Serengeti but receives a large number of animals. As much of this part of the country is dry, the Tarangire River remains the only source of water and thus attracts countless wildebeests, elephants, deer, zebras and deer, buffalo, and other predators such as lions that come and drink and graze in the surrounding area. on the banks of the rivers.

During the rainy months of November to May, zebras and large herds of wildebeest head northwest along the Rift Valley down among the many animals scattered across the vast open areas of the Masaai Steppe and dispersing them all. road to Lake Manyara.

Best time to visit.
The dry months from June to November are the best times to visit Tarangire National Park, as many animals will head for the Tarangire River to stay hydrated, providing travelers with great opportunities to watch the games.

What to do.
Game driving and hiking,

The main function of the safari in this park is to drive games but if you live outside the boundaries of the park, you may be able to enjoy the hiking trails. and a night safari. Oliver’s Camp is currently organizing hiking and flying camping safaris.

Night Game Driving.
one might wonder, is night-time driving allowed in Tarangire? Well, Night Game Drives are allowed in the park however, not all accommodations offer this tour. Only those who properly comply with all the requirements and regulations provided by TANAPA such as Swala camp and Oliver’s are allowed to make this visit.
Tarangire Balloon Safaris
Join the hot air balloon ride over Tarangire as you fly over the Tarangire trees to enjoy a different view of the wildlife like lions and pets below you.

Bird watching
this is another common activity within Tarangire where volunteers will be able to spot a wide variety of bird species.

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