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Tanzania Safari Tips | Do’s and Dont’s

Tanzania safari
Safari en el Serengueti

Smoke only in designated areas.

Similar advice applies to electronic cigarettes; 

Only allowed at designated areas like picnic, campsite, or at the lodge. 

Be aware: Cigarette butts pose a significant fire risk, particularly in the arid savanna.

Don’t feed animals.

Never ever feed the animals to prevent them from thinking of you and the car as an easy meal!

This will not only put you and other guests in danger but also could result in the animal being put to death.

Do not call the animals!

Even the most frequent antelope should be carefully observed whenever it is seen.

Keep in mind that the animals only recognize the car and not the people because you are not in a zoo.

Calling them will simply cause a disturbance, and their departure to another location is the most probable consequence.

Never leave the vehicle without the guide’s permission.

You might think this is obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people ignore common sense when faced with a new exotic species or a nice photo opportunity.

So, regardless of what happens, even if you believe there is no risk, never ever exit the vehicle without your guide’s permission. You might not notice nearby animals until you are almost right over them, such as leopards hidden in the underbrush or snakes on the side of the route. 

Avoid Being Rude while on shared safaris.

To go on an African safari, people spend thousands of dollars. Some people view it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t be the annoying expert who blathers on incessantly from your seat.

When animals appear, don’t block the view. Avoid constantly holding your phone up to take videos, which will obscure the view.

Guided safari OR a self-drive. 

Always a matter of preference. However, as a driver, you must pay attention to the road and risk missing out on some excellent opportunities to see the game. Additionally, the visibility in your rental car will be restricted. For a first-time safari, it’s simple to undervalue the importance of having a skilled guide with you who knows where to find the animals, can describe their behavior and routines, and can help you understand what you are looking at.

Don’t Ignore Your Guides

Your tour guide has a task to complete. Don’t restrict their efforts by disobeying their safety instructions. Keep in mind that keeping you and your fellow travelers safe is part of your guide’s responsibility. Don’t make it more difficult for them. If they advise against going outside alone at night, heed their advice.

No matter how adorable they may seem, don’t even consider petting any animals.

Always listen to your guide on an African safari when it comes to how to behave and stay safe.

Stay in the car when your guide tells you to.

Pay attention to your guide if they instruct you to place your hands back inside the car.

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