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Highest free standing Mountain in th world.

Kilimanjaro National Park.

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Kilimanjaro Trekking

Explore the Kilimanjaro National Park. rich beauty

Hike to the highest peak in Africa.

Africa's Highest Peak

Kilimanjaro National Park.

In the local language, Kilimanjaro is known as either “Shining Mountain” or “Mountain of Greatness.” In either case, they are both ideal for Mount Kilimanjaro.

Regardless, they are both fair descriptions of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa and the focal point of this 75,575 ha park. Known as “the roof of Africa,” Kilimanjaro is one of the tallest volcanoes in the world, rising 5,895 meters above sea level.
There are three distinct cones that make up this inactive volcano: the Shira, Mawenzi, and Kibo, which are all covered in snow (4005m),

rising in grand solitude over the nearby plains, its snow-capped summit piercing the cloud cover. A substantial forest that is home to several creatures, many of which are endangered, surrounds the peak.

The ideal time to travel is:

July through June (dry season)
January and February, the two hottest months, are ideal for climbing. But keep in mind that higher elevations will be bitterly chilly all year.

The driest months, August and September, make for another favorable climbing season.

Although June and July are the coldest months during this season, climbing is still suitable throughout these months.

April to May (wet season)
– The wettest months are April and May, which make travel more difficult.

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Plan Your Own Tailor made Kilimanjaro Trekk

The highest peak in Africa

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